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Up Roses is a company which makes shows to uplift and entertain,

respectfully creating on Gadigal land.
With the conviction that humour is paramount to human experience, Up Roses productions are firmly rooted in sincerity with a colourful reach into the absurd. 

Our stories are made with the following in mind:

1. A seed. A healthy seed. We don't use mouldy ones. They won't grow.

2. We try to grow upwards only. Towards the warmth, not away from it.

3. Staying hydrated is important (just in general)

4. We remove any withered or infected buds. New buds take priority.

5. There's always more than one plant in the ecosystem - context is all. 

6. No fear of dirt and some good quality shit.

need to get in touch?

We aim to respond in 3 working days.

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